Meet Patrick Geary

Patrick Geary is a grassroots restaurateur, whose decades of experience in the hospitality game makes him an expert on the guest experience. He's had a hand in managing everything from sports bars, to comedy clubs, concert halls, casino restaurants, and more!

Patrick's diverse experience and level-headed approach to management makes him the ideal candidate for overseeing DiCicco's Restaurant & Pizzeria, a cherished family heirloom which brings the taste of homestyle Italian cooking to North County San Diego. As general manager, Patrick is tasked with maintaining DiCicco's time-honored commitment to amazing service while streamlining day-to-day operations.

For Patrick, branding is the name of the game. DiCicco's is recognized as a pillar of community life, bringing families together to share in a unique culinary experience which showcases the flavors of the Old Country. Patrick maintains DiCicco's local status through rigorous quality control, while encouraging word-of-mouth marketing through next level guest experiences. He works closely with Chef Alan to develop seasonal specialties, and never passes up an opportunity to impart important lessons on his staff.

What makes Patrick's approach to management truly special is his emphasis on inclusivity. Community outreach is always a priority, and Patrick goes to great lengths to foster good faith with guests and neighbors alike. Just as valuable as outwardly championing inclusivity is his democratic approach to leadership. Patrick utilizes round table meetings so that all his employees have the opportunity to voice their opinions, and contribute to DiCicco's vision of success. By allowing the whole team to contribute, morale skyrockets, leading to improved service and reduced turnover.